LED flexible Tape

A great use of LED flexible tape is for creating a wash of light across the ceiling or up or down a wall. The LEDs are placed close together on the tape creating what seems to be a uniform line of light.

In the slideshow below the living room is bordered by RGB colour changing tape and the bathroom by warm white waterproof. The home cinema rooms are single colour blue.

We have three systems for controlling colour changing tape which are described below:

£60.00 for a 5 metre spool.

5 Metre length 300 LEDs
Operating Voltage: 12v DC
630 Lumens per metre ( maximum in white mode)
Wavelength: 625 (red) 525 (green) 465 (blue)
Power Consumption: 14.4 watts per metre
Beam Angle: 120°
Dimensions: L5000*W10*H7 (mm)

Here are some different ways to control the tape: For pricing follow this link.

Simple remote controller:

Our LED Tape Remote Controller can output 200 watts so will power 10 metres of tape (with the addition of a 200 watt LED power supply) with plenty of power in reserve. If using two lengths of tape, connect both to the controller in parallel. Do not connect tape-to-tape directly since this will result in inconsistency in the colour output.



Longer runs of tape: 

For longer lengths of RGB tape - i.e. whole room installations - the colour changing signal must be passed to the tape via our DMX controllers.  Each controller can handle 10 metres of tape, with the addition of a 200 watt power supply. The input signal must use the DMX protocol and we have a range of controllers which can perform this task.

LED RGB tape wall plate controller with colour mixing, dimming and on-board programmes.
A wall plate controller with the ability to mix all the colours together. This controller will also dim and has a range of on-board programmes. The controller links to the DMX modules via Cat5 cable. The plate also needs a power supply which is provided by a plug-in style transformer, such as you have with a mobile phone charger.

A very simple way to control the tape is with a sliding mixer/dimmer. This is a very robust unit which will last for years. It's not the most good-looking piece of equipment for the living room, so if you have space in a cupboard or a room next to the display you may want to position it out of sight.

Home automation systems such as Control4, Rako or Lutron can control the tape. If you are considering this option then do check with your home automation supplier that their system includes DMX functionality.

A photo of the necessary wiring can be seen here.

Single colour 12v LED Tape
£36.00 for a 5 metre spool.

60 LEDs per metre length.
Operating Voltage: 12v DC
Lumens per metre: Warm white 180, cool white 300, blue 20.
Colour temperature: Warm white 3200k, Cool white 6500k, Blue 465nm.
Power Consumption: 6 watts per metre
Beam Angle: 120°
Dimensions: L6000*W9*H7 (mm)

The single colour tape at 6 watts per metre is simple to configure. Match the power supply to the total wattage of the tape required. Maximum length of tape in one run is 5 metres. Connect multiple lengths of tape to the power supplies in parallel.

Weatherproof single colour 12v LED Tape
£39.00 for a 5 metre spool.

Operating Voltage: 12v DC
5 metre length 360 LEDs
Power Consumption: 6 watts per metre
Beam angle: 120°
Dimensions: 600 x 12 x 8mm
Colour temperature and wavelength: White 6500K, Warm White 3200K, Blue 465nm.

For pricing follow this link.

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