Fibre Optic Illuminated Swarovski Crystals

Create a real ‘wow’ factor in your room with our east-to-install crystal lights.


Crystal kit

Contents of Crystal kit 1

As for the light source, in a normal domestic installation our MiniLED550 light source is a good choice, while in a commercial installation - hotel, restaurant, shop - it may be worth considering a more powerful unit. At the other end of the scale, there may be situations where using a compact little LED light source might be appropriate - perhaps for plinth lighting or stair lighting, or where the crystals are being incorporated into furniture. In this case our MiniLED250 might be useful.

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You can run 35 crystal fittings from a single MiniLED550 or MiniLED750 light source.

Crystal on a ceiling

Do bear in mind, that as with a star ceiling, this is essentially a decorative effect, to create mood and add interest to your décor - it should not be regarded as primary room lighting, no matter how many crystals you use.

Ordering a crystal kit

At Starscape we never steer people towards an off-the-shelf "one size fits all" solution. Let us know what you are planning and we'll work out the most cost-effective way of achieving it. However, as a starting point, and to give people some idea as to prices we're offering a couple of standard crystal kit options here.

As a general rule, the light source should go as close as possible to the centre of your display, since this minimises fibre requirement. Our standard kits have been specified on this basis, but we can easily make up a custom fibre harness for you, if necessary.

Upgrade to a MiniLED750 for £110.00

Maximum number of crystals in a MiniLED = 36

Maximum number of crystals in a MaxiLED = 76

Maximum length of cable 12 metres

Crystal Kit No1:
MiniLED550 light source with 8 crystals. 4 x 1 metre and 4 x 2 metres.

Crystal kit No1: £232.00  

Crystal Kit No2:
MiniLED550 light source with 12 crystals. 4 x 1 metre, 4 x 2 metres and 4 x 3 metres.

Crystal kit No2: £292.00  

Crystal Kit No3:
MiniLED550 light source with 16 crystals. 4 x 1 metre and 4 x 2 metres 4 x 3 metres and 4 x 4 metres.

Crystal kit No3: £361.00  

Upgrade the light source to a MiniLED750 for £110.00

MiniLED750 DMX capable fibre optic light source.MiniLED750 light source. Compact yet powerful DMX-capable light source which can be integrated with a home automation system such as Rako, Lutron or Control4. It also has a series of pre-programmed colour/twinkle effects which can be selected using the supplied remote control.

Whereas the standard MiniLED550 light source supplied with our kits has to be configured for either white twinkle or colour, this more sophisticated light source has overlapping colour and twinkle wheels which gives you a much wider choice of effects. You can select from twinkling white stars, static colours, colour change with twinkle or static colour with twinkle. This light source also dims via the supplied remote control.

MiniLED750 light source upgrade £121.00:

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Fibre, ferrule and crystal

Crystal fitting Body 11mm diameter Flange 15mm Crystal debth below ceiling 15mm

The 10 strand sheathed fibre supplying the light to the crystal is terminated in a ferrule. The O rings on the ferrule provide a tight grip on the crystal socket enabling fast and trouble free installation.

MiniLED750 light source.

Fibre optic light source


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