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Corona star panel

This lovely star ceiling by Starscape could be the ultimate centrepiece in your room.

Great look.

Fantastic star layout – it’s our job and it’s what we do best.

Choice of panel colours.

Optional LED rim lighting.

Choice of light sources: Simple twinkle, colour change, colour change and twinkle, integration with home automation system through DMX.

Easy installation. A choice of installation configurations including: Button-fix, threaded rod, wire hangers.

Unusual installation? We’ll work with you to make it work.

Light source can be located remotely from the panel if necessary.

Corona in a home cinema

Thanks to our customer Ade.

Prices start at £1,831.50 for a Corona 300 inclusive of MiniLED550 light source, shipping and VAT.

Single color LED rim lighting £145.00

RGB colour changing rim lighting with radio remote control £243.00

To connect to the light source, the star panel is supplied with a 2 metre ‘tail’ of fibre optics.

If you are unable to locate the light source within this distance we can extend the length up to 12 metres. Call to discuss.