Starfield generator by Seb Francis

Random seed:
0.50mm fibres:
0.75mm fibres:
1.00mm fibres:
1.50mm fibres:
Colour code fibre sizes:

When using "Infinity mix" fibre tails, the mixture of fibres in each tail is:

80 x 0.50mm
14 x 0.75mm
5 x 1.00mm
1 x 1.50mm

So, if you're using two tails you'd enter 160 in the 0.5mm field, 28 in the 0.75mm field and so on.

Sparser towards edges: (pixels)
Black border: (pixels)
Space/cluster seed:
Space/cluster scale: (>= 1)
Space amount: (0 to 100)
Cluster amount: 0 to 100)
To get a better idea what the space/cluster parameters are doing, set a high number of fibres for a dense starfield. Warning: high values of "Space amount" can be slow with a lot of stars.

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To copy parameters to clipboard: