The HYDRA-6 light splitter and Infinity optical jointing system by Starscape


Our light distribution system makes fabrication and installation of multiple star panels easy.


Our Hydar optical jointing system  YouTube video explaining the system. Please note, since the video was made,

the optical joints have been upgraded to screw connectors Screw fix optical joint. A new video will follow shortly.


In the illustration below 12 panels are supplied with light from a twin-port light source.


Supplying light to multiple panels


The components are highlighted below.


Rear of a satr panel showing the components of the optical jointing system


Light from the MiniLED550 is split into 6 outputs by the Hydra-6. A carrier tail of appropriate length then carries the light to the "Infinity Mix" panel tail. We call it Infinity Mix since this is the mixture of fibres, in 4 different diameters, which we use when manufacturing our Infinity star panels.

The optical joints have screw connectors.


Fibre a panel

Infinity Mix fibres being inserted into a multiple panel layout, in this case with speaker cut-outs.

The panel tail is secured to panel with Gaffa tape then the individual fibres distributed across the panel, around the cut-out, and secured with tape or adhesive.



Components for DIY projects.



Hydra-6 light splitter

Hydra light splitter


Hydra-6 light splitter: 



Carrier tails

Carrier tail



Select the number of carrier tails at each length and then "Add to Basket". One of the features of the system is that if you discover that your any of your Carrier tails is not long enough, you can return it and order a longer one while continuing to work on your project in the meantime. We can make up longer tails than 5 metres - 15 metres is possible - but you should always aim to keep your light source close enough to the display to avoid the expense of long tails.


1.5 metre carrier tail: £23.25
2.0 metre carrier tail: £31.00
2.5 metre carrier tail: £38.75
3.0 metre carrier tail: £46.50
4.0 metre carrier tail: £62.00
5.0 metre carrier tail: £77.50


"Infinity Mix" Panel tails.

We have two variants of "Infinity Mix" Panel tails: one at 1.6 metres and one at 2.5 metres. Both contain the following fibres:

80 x 0.50 mm, 14 x 0.75 mm, 5 x 1.00 mm and 1 x 1.5 mm

The 1.6m tail will be suitable for metre-square panels or smaller, the 2.5m for plasterboard/mdf size panels - 2400 x 1200 mm.


Panel tail

1.6 metre Infinity Mix panel tail with 100 mixed diameter fibres: £33.50
2.5 metre Infinity Mix panel tail with 100 mixed diameter fibres: £74.50


Light sources can be found on this page.






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