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Your source for fibre optic lighting

From our workshops in Northumberland we supply Fibre Optic Star Kits for professional or DIY installation, readymade Fibre Optic Star Ceiling Panels, Fibre Optic Star Cloths and much more.

Starscape fibre optic lighting is perfect in the bedroom or nursery for creating the sensation of sleeping out under the stars. The Starscape Infinity panel system also adds a finishing touch to dedicated home cinema rooms.

Supplying both retail and trade customers, Starscape’s products enable installation of a huge range of innovative lighting applications, both indoors and out.

Our fibre optic lighting allows for dramatic effect in the bathroom or kitchen. Fibre optics allow the lightsource and the light output to remain separate. They are well suited to an installation in a splashback next to a bath or washbasin, for example. Fibre optics can even be fitted in a shower enclosure, steam room or sauna!

Fibre optics also have great potential outdoors, whether in a domestic garden or in municipal and commercial landscaping applications. From deck and patio lighting to full landscape features, Starscape supplies the components for a high impact outdoor experience.

In the world of entertainment Starscape supplies fibre optics to theatres, theme parks and the effects departments of iconic TV and movie franchises. An advantage of fibre optic lighting is that the fibres and end fittings require no maintenance. Thus, removing the necessity of access to change bulbs.

If the LED-based light source is accessible, the actual glowing fibre ends can be anywhere. This can include on a high ceiling, cast permanently into a concrete floor or wall, or built into a staircase. 

Starscape prides itself on also finding a solution for any project, no matter how large or small. With a range of products from smaller DIY kits to feature panels and full ceiling packages, there is always an option for any budget or installation.

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Star Panels

We have a range of star ceiling panels that will add a touch of magic to any room. All can be supplied with optional LED edge lighting to add to the ambiance.

Home Cinema

There's nothing quite like a star ceiling to add the finishing touch to a dedicated home cinema room, helping to make the room a special refuge from the everyday world, somewhere where you can really relax.

Star Kits

Making your own star display or other decorative lighting effect is easy, and most of our kits go to homeowners who are installing fibre optics in their own bedrooms or bathrooms. Watch our animation to help you understand the installation process.

LED Tape

LED lighting for seamless linear effects. Suitable for coving lighting, skirting lighting, wall wash lighting and signage applications. Available in single colour and colour changing versions.

Star Cloths
Star cloth

Star Cloths designed and manufactured by Starscape are used as stage backdrops in theatres, at rock concerts, in discos and special events such as weddings and parties, home theatre or in retail settings

Light Sources

At the heart of a fibre optic installation is the light source (or projector). All our light sources are now LED-based which makes them super-economical to run, and we have versions available that change colour, twinkle, dim, strobe, are remotely programmable and DMX controllable.

Optical Fibre

We stock several types and sizes (diameters) of Polymer (pmma) Optical Fibre and solid core light guide for a range of applications. Types include: end-emitting fibre, solid core side glow fibre, sheathed fibre and sparkle fibre.

Case Studies

Inspiration guaranteed - with well over 160 customer and Starscape pages to peruse, see how others have approached their own projects.