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button-fix™ mounting system

The button-fix™ is easy and quick to use. The Eclipse will be supplied with black button clips already fitted to the supporting timber/Aluminium frame. These buttons will have red marker pins fitted.

Button fix mounting

Installation methodology is as follows:

Make provision to pass the common end ferrule at the end of the fibre optic harness through the ceiling and into the loft above – usually a 50mm hole in the ceiling will be sufficient. Position the light source beside the opening and provide power.

It’s probably good practice to wear gloves for the next phase to protect the face of the Eclipse.

Offer the disk up to the intended position and firmly press the face around the approximate position of the fixing frame. The steel pins of the red marker buttons will leave six indentations on the ceiling showing where you need to drill holes for fixing the yellow buttons. Lower the disk and remove the red marker pin buttons. If you are feeling generous and green, return them to Starscape for re-use, rather than send them to landfill!

When screwing the yellow buttons to the ceiling use best practice here, and make sure they have a firm and secure fixing. It’s unlikely you will be lucky enough to be able to screw all of the buttons straight into ceiling joists so use a heavy weight plasterboard fixing or bridge two joists with a timber batten.

When the buttons are all secure, offer the Eclipse up into position, thread the fibre loom through the hole you’ve made in the ceiling, and then with a firm but gentle action slide the Eclipse into the fixings. You should hear a Click as the locking mechanism engages.

No loft space above your installation?

Mounting the light source on top of the Eclipse is a good option if you don’t have access above the ceiling.

A few different mounting options are achievable, possibly the easiest is to mount a timber frame on the ceiling with 50 x 100 CLS. This is framing timber is widely available from builders merchants and DIY stores.

If this system will not suit your project we can fit alternative mounts such as wire strops or threaded rod.


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