Customer project 100 - Bedroom star ceiling



Our customer Dave B wrote; “Just thought I send you a few pics of the star ceiling I did in my daughter’s bedroom. She loves it!!”


Fibre in clear sheathing in loft space


Dave used a Great Bear star kit with 240 mixed diameter fibres to create his star ceiling. He had originally planned to use the 200 fibre Gemini kit,

but then decided to upgrade to the larger kit to allow more flexibility in the star layout.

In this photo the fibres are still in the protective plastic sleeving in which they're despatched.

Each sleeve is a different length and contains 40 fibres.


Stars in the daytime


Clusters and spaces create a natural looking starfield.


Stars at night


Light from the star ceiling is an effective night-light for the bedroom.Visit our Facebook page

(see link at top of page) for a short video of the stars in action.


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