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Our customer Ric W wanted a star panel for a nursery with an inconveniently placed loft hatch. Solution – an L-shaped panel pre-fibred by Starscape.

We used two Infinity ‘tails’ providing 200 stars in 4 different diameters. The light source, a MiniLED550, needed to be positioned by the loft hatch so the carrier tails measured 1.5 metres. The panel is fixed to the ceiling using Button-Fixfittings, so installation is quick and straightforward.

Do bear in mind, if you’re interested in such a product that we need to charge a significant premium for this sort of custom panel, not only because of the labour input but also because packaging and delivery costs are subtantially higher than with a standard product such as the Eclipse disk or Infinity star panel.

In other words, you’re really better to treat this as a DIY project unless you’re prepared to allocate a decent budget towards it. However, as the photo below shows, there’s no doubt that the finished nursery looks very stylish.