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This ‘Meadow of Light’ was designed by Simon Hayes as part of the Enchanted Forest display at Pitlochry, Scotland. Every autumn, as the days get shorter, a local not-for-profit group does its bit to dispell the gathering gloom and makes a virtue of the dark evenings by filling an area of woodland with innovative lighting features.

This part of the scheme, designed by Simon and using fibre optics provided by Starscape, featured 9 fibre harnesses each with 240 sheathed 1.00mm fibres. The black sheathing hides the light which would normally escape through the side of the fibre, and the fibres were attached to short black rods stuck in the soil so that the glowing end points seemed to float above the surface. To enhance the effect a few millimetres of the sheathing was removed from the end of each fibre so that the there was not only the very bright endpoint, but also a more subtle sideglow effect.

Nine DMX-enabled MiniLED750 light sources provided the colour changing effects.

A similar project on a larger scale is to be featured at a venue in England during the run-up to Christmas (2016).