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When SciFi movie enthusiast Steve Cockburn decided it was time to create a dedicated home cinema room he was more than up for the technical challenges of the build, but decided that he’d come to the experts for the star ceiling which was part of his vision. He lives close enough to Starscape to drive up and have a look at our Infinity demonstration area, and having seen it, decided that Infinity was the way to go. Since the room is not huge, a coffered array of 6 panels in a 3 x 2 metre coffered ceiling would fit nicely, and Steve opted to use the magnetic mounting package.

Steve started by building a wall across the front of one half of the double garage.
The wall finished and ready for the window. You can see that the garage door is still in place at this point as a temporary security measure.
Blocks inside ready to divide the garage to create two distinct rooms.
Division is built and sockets have been wired.
Building the perimeter bulkhead and wiring the lights.
Start of plaster boarding.
The bulkhead has been formed now and spotlights connected.
Starscape Infinity mounting track fitted. The coiled fibre tails are waiting for the Infinity panels.
The magnets on the back of the panels will adhere to the steel track.
Star panels fitted and LED tape behind the TV illuminated.
“Oh! They’ve encased him in Carbonite. He should be quite well protected.
If he survived the freezing process, that is.” Star Wars fans may also recognise the Bobba Fett 
helmet feature on the wall next to poor Han Solo.
This photo, sent by Steve more recently, shows the completed room with seats and more sci-fi decor. We’re very envious!
Looking the other way. Another carbonite panel, we think this is …
The Infinity ceiling with the room lights off.