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Blackgang Chine Land of Imagination, which claims to be the UK’s oldest theme park, has used fibre optics to good effect in one of its new visitor attractions. The park in the Isle of Wight opened its Underwater Kingdom in Easter this year (2017), and includes a magical underwater cave, which includes glittering fibre optic “jewels”.

A pirate ship, Wild West town and animatronic dinosaurs are just some of the other attractions guaranteed to engage the attention of kids, big and small.

As the days draw in, the park makes a virtue of necessity and stages Blackgang’s Illuminations during the evenings on selected days through October and the early part of November. Creative, interactive lighting effects & displays help to dispell the gloom of autumn evenings.

There’s just something magical about a cave ….
Deep sea divers suits are old tech, but still strangely appealing, and who can resist the lure of pirate gold?