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Our customer Hi-Fi Cinema of Aldermaston, Berkshire, shared these photos of high-end cinema rooms complete with our Infinity Star Ceilings. 

The Infinity panel-based system was conceived and developed specifically for companies such as Hi-Fi Cinema, working at the higher end of the
home cinema market, but it’s also available directly to DIY home cinema enthusiasts. Or, we’ll support you to create your own star ceilings from
scratch, as in customer projects 97 and 99.

However, if you’ve got the budget a specialist such as Hi-Fi Cinema can create a fantastic cinema room from scratch, with all the right audio and video kit.

This Infinity star ceiling is a feature of the home cinema installer’s own showroom. At left you can see a speaker cut-out to allow for the increasingly popular Dolby Atmos option.
Most home cinema rooms these days tend to feature a coffered ceiling with a perimeter bulkhead which provides a handy mounting place for speakers and downlights, whereas this customer’s cinema has no such adornment. Instead, the Infinity panels are in a raft configuration, forming the lowest part of the ceiling. In this case they also have our optional edge trim in place.
Another view of the same cinema room. The projector in the foreground is just a curio.
With the room lights turned off, you can see how effectively the black finish of the Infinity panels absorbs light, rather than reflecting it, so that you get a more vivid image on the screen, by contrast.