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Our Eclipse star disks were originally conceived for the “Grandparent market” – the idea being that proud new grandparents
could buy a star ceiling effect for the nursery of a new arrival without committing anyone else to a significant amount of installation effort. With “button-fix” mountings you could theoretically install one of these in 15 minutes.

In this case, however, our customer KB in the Channel Islands has used no fewer than four Eclipses as part of a very distinctive decor in a more sophisticated environment than the average nursery.

The disks are available in both powder-coated and fabric-faced versions. In this instance our customer has opted for a high-gloss white powder-coated paint finish.
The colour of the stars in both of these disks is the same, which is made possible by the use of sophisticated MiniLED750 light sources with DMX functionality. The DMX technology means that the light sources can be synchronised with each other and, optionally, be fully integrated within a home automation system.
The structure of the Eclipse disk includes a stiffening frame at the rear which provides a handy mounting surface for LED tape which can be used as a secondary lighting feature.
Nothing to do with Starscape, but the downlights on the perimeter bulkhead create interesting effects on the textured surface of this feature wall. These are just LED downlights, but it is possible to use fibre optic downlights which are illuminated by thick bundles of fibre.