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We’re grateful to The Sound Gallery of High Wycombe for these photos of 

one of their home cinema projects which incorporated several of our Infinity star panels.

Interesting features in this photo include the speaker cut-outs in the star panels at the rear of the room, and the clusters of stars which are easily visible. Still photos of star ceilings don’t always do them justice because the twinkle wheel in the light source means that some of your stars will always be dimmed and thus absent from the photograph, unless it’s a long exposure.
Blue LED tape in the perimeter bulkhead adds a secondary lighting feature, while the bulkhead also provides a good location for mounting downlights.
Another nicely exposed photo of the Infinity star ceiling showing off the little clusters of stars and also the relatively empty areas. Because we do have relatively empty areas – like the real night sky, the areas in the background where the speakers are don’t appear particularly obvious. It’s possible to adjust both the speed and intensity of the twinkling effect to suit your personal preference. On the issue of brightness, dimmer stars generally look more realistic, 
so we’d normally advise against having the light source set too bright.