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Home cinema and home automation specialist Majik House, serving the North West of England from offices in Manchester and Carlisle, opted in this project to use a service which Starscape first introduced in 2018 – sheets of plasterboard to which we’ve fitted fibres in our workshops. This guarantees you a nice star layout and also reduces the amount of time and effort required on site. We supply the prefibred 2300 x 1200mm sheets of plasterboard on a pallet ready for installation to the joists in the cinema room.

This is a technique which is best-suited to new builds or major refurbishments where there’s no existing ceiling in place. The optical fibres used are the same “Infinity mix” which we use when manufacturing our Infinity panels and with the same optical jointing system which hugely facilitates the work of the installer. You can choose to have 100, 200 or 300 fibres per sheet of plasterboard, according to your preference and budget.

It’s important to note that it’s impractical to try to put a conventional plaster skim over optical fibres, so a dry-lining technique is required here, using taper-edged boards. However this shouldn’t be beyond the capability of a competent plasterer – after all, dry-lining is the default practice in many countries. For tips on how to manage the fibres at the joints watch this video.

Still some work to do on this project, but you can see that the star ceiling has been installed as part of a coffered ceiling design with a perimeter bulkhead.