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Our customer Paul Crawford from Oaklands Electrical has kindly shared these photos of a star ceiling
which he installed above the swimming pool at the Atrium Hotel in Feltham, Middlesex. At the same hotel he’d previously fitted a much smaller star ceiling in the Bridal Suite – see Customer Project 142.

This was a project which Paul built entirely from scratch. Rather than asking us to make up fibre harnesses for him, he bought spools of fibre in several different diameters (0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm), cutting the fibre to length as he went. This works out somewhat cheaper in terms of component costs, but does mean more work for the installer.

The MaxiLED40 light sources were placed in pairs at 5 evenly distributed points around the perimeter with access panels below them.  Fibre harnesses were made up of approx. 140 fibres per harness (one harness per board), between 6 and 10m lengths.

In this first photo you can see that the fibres have yet to be trimmed back flush to the ceiling.
With mirrors fitted to the walls the apparent number of stars is hugely increased, and there’ll be even more of an effect once the pool is full and stars reflect from its surface.
Several light sources were required for the project, and you can see that at least one of them is in colour mode in this photo.
To get a sense of scale, the pool is 20 x 6 metres.
With some water added to the pool, you can see the stars reflected in its surface as well as from the mirrored walls.