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In an ideal world we’d all like to retain our independence as long as possible, without the need for professional care, but a glance through the gallery of Colten Care’s website suggests that if and when that time comes, there are some very attractive retirement homes available. Colten Care operates a number of facilities on the south coast and its hinterland.

The company’s Bourne View home is their first to have one of Starscape’s Galaxy star panels installed in one of the facility’s assisted bathrooms, pictured below. The aluminium composite panel, with its wipe-down surface is a good fit for a bathroom (or kitchen) environment and can be supplied with either 300 or 500 fibre optic stars. A range of colours is available, but the satin white finish shown here is the most popular choice.

A key selling point of the Galaxy panel, or the elliptical Corona panel, is the ease of installation. The panels arrive with all the optical fibres in place and – optionally – LED tape perimeter lighting, ready for installation within perhaps 20-30 minutes. The LED tape lighting offers a secondary lighting effect which can be used in conjunction with the stars or independently. Most people prefer the stars set to a soothing white twinkle, but colour effects are also possible.

The LED tape perimeter lighting casts a wash of coloured light across the surrounding ceiling.