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Thanks to Paul Simons for these photos of his very neatly executed home cinema room which features half a dozen of our Infinity star ceiling panels. Infinity panels are 1000 x 1000mm as standard, but we made up some custom sizes to provide a match for the size of the coffered ceiling layout. You get most bang for your buck when working with the standard panels, so it’s best to plan around them if you can. 

The perimeter bulkhead provides a handy mounting for ceiling speakers, but in a wider star field there’s the option for having speaker cut-outs in the panels – finished for either exposed speaker grilles or with the fabric facing left in place for a seamless finish.

The star field is set within a coffer with a neat bevelled edge to the perimeter bulkhead. Note the cleverly concealed projector – fan noise shouldn’t be an issue here.
With the room lights off, and the movie playing, you’re temporarily transported away from the cares of everyday life, relaxing – or being thrilled – under the stars.