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Starscape’s Infinity star ceiling panels are chiefly aimed at the home cinema sector, where the addition of a gently twinkling star ceiling helps to create that special ambience which makes movie watching into an event, rather than just part of daily routine. Home cinemas are bit womb like – dark, isolated and enclosed – deliberately isolated from the rest of the house and the outdoor world. However, in this project the star ceiling is part of a room designed to deliberately embrace the outside – to create a transition between the outdoors and interior of the house.

Whereas windows are anathema to the home cinema purist, this orangery in Mike Goldsmith’s home has huge windows, allowing natural light to flood in, and creating a space which combines the open air of the garden with the shelter and warmth of the house. The array of Infinity panels in the double height space creates the illusion of extending the sky into the house. The view from the bedroom at night, through the Juliet balcony, must be an intriguing one, since our aim here at Starscape has always been to produce star displays which closely emulate the real night sky. Each Infinity panel has optical fibres in four different diameters, so as to model the varying magnitudes of the stars.

Day or night, this orangery is an impressive space.