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Project 171 - Star ceiling in a conservatory

Bryn and his team at Sonor Smart Home Solutions created this awesome star ceiling in a client’s conservatory. Due to the shape and angles of the space, a DIY approach was decided to the best way forward. The fibre optic components and lightsource were supplied by Starscape and fitted into plasterboards on site, with over one thousand fibres (1200 to be precise) being used to create the star field. 

DIY installations such as this allow boards to be cut very accurately then fibred immediately before fitting. This ensures that the ceiling is a perfect as possible before finishing. As can be seen in the images, fibred plasterboard is best finished by dry lining rather than a traditional skim coat. This requires taper edge boards rather than square edge and also cuts down on the time required to finish the boards.

The key to a successful and good looking plasterboard based star ceiling is to enough stars in the joints that it looks good, but not so many that it affects the finishing process. It is also important to only use the thinnest fibres in the joints as they are most the flexible. 

Overall this is an excellent installation and one we are sure the client will enjoy for many years to come!

Kit List

The following components were sourced from Starscape for this project:

Photos courtesy of Sonor Smart Home Solutions.