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In most cases customers installing star ceilings in bedrooms are able to access the attic above, so the lightsource goes in the attic and holes for the fibres are drilled in the plasterboard. There are cases, however, where the structure of the building makes this impossible and a different approach to installation has to be adopted.

As an example of this, a customer in the West Country describes how he used a star cloth to create his own ‘false ceiling’;

Living in a flat with a concrete ceiling, I obviously had to create a false ceiling of some kind. Originally I was going to use plasterboard but I couldn’t think of a way to get a good finish on all surfaces and have the lightsource accessible.

I saw the star curtains on the box and thought I could do a similar thing for my ceiling – this also makes the installation easier to move to my next address.

I bought the fabric from Fabric World, Brislington, Bristol. It cost £30.

The on/off switch is a pull cord which hangs down to my headboard.
The small star kit gives perfect star density for the size of the installation. However if I did it again I would go for the bigger one and do the whole thing on a grander scale!

I am pleased with the installation and women love it!”

The finished effect – just like sleeping under the stars!