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This project was set in the Sensory Room of an NHS clinic in Lancashire, where the plan was to use a range of interesting lighting effects. Starscape was involved from quite an early stage advising on a specification for a star ceiling.

The “flying saucer” hanging in this night sky is actually a smoke detector.

It was finally decided that the star ceiling should take the form of painted mdf panels fitted to the ceiling. Installation would be by the main contractor, so the mdf panels were sent to Starscape where we added the fibre optic stars to a pattern laid out by artist Barry Spence.

A built-in cupboard on one side of the room provided a handy location for the halogen light source, and we calculated the length of fibre required in each mini-harness (one per mdf panel) to stretch across the room to this cupboard.

Highly reflective wall tiles on one side of the room served to increase the apparent size of the star field.

The dramatic reds of the sky contrast with the soothing blue of the glass block wall.

Artist Barry Spence can be contacted by e-mail ( barryspence@yahoo.co.uk) or on mobile phone 07939 572 675

Thanks for the use of these photos are due to the Architects responsible for
the detailed design – Halsall Lloyd Partnership.
Website: www.hlpdesign.com

As part of the same project, Starscape also added some fibre optic lighting to specially fabricated skirting boards.