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This was a project undertaken by events lighting specialists TGS of Grantham who had been commissioned to create dramatic lighting effects in the main entrance to the Star Wars Celebration exhibition at the Excel centre in London’s Docklands.

TGS stretched black fabric high up in the roof space and dangled sheathed 1mm polymer optical fibres through holes in the fabric. The fibres were suspended at different heights and since the black sheathing of the fibres was all but invisible against the black fabric a very effective 3D result was produced. And, although the sheathed fibres are twice the price of bare fibres, they are far more durable, allowing TGS to save the fibres and re-use them at a future date.

Final adjustments are made to the lighting the evening before the show opens.

Starscape manufactured three separate harnesses of sheathed 1mm fibre for TGS, each with its own light source, and we also provided some on-site support on the eve of the show.

Not quite as glamorous a mode of transport as the Millennium Falcon,
but the scissor lift gets the job done.