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A repeat order from one of our customers prompted us to ask for photos of what had been done with the initial batch of fibres that we had sold them, and they were kind enough to respond with this selection of Images.

Antenociti’s Workshop specialises in creating high quality scenery for wargaming enthusiasts.

Science fiction is a popular genre in this sector, and since no sci-fi set is complete without its banks of flashing lights and radar screens, fine optical fibres are a useful tool for distributing light around a model.

Sci-fi movie fans should recognise this first image as a scene from Starship Troopers, with vicious Klendathu “bugs” besieging the Mobile Infantry’s Outpost Kappa Seven.

To see more photos of the impressive range of models available go to www.barrule.com/workshop/.

The glowing lights are 0.5mm optical fibre end points illuminated by LEDs located at some convenient accessible location in the model.
The different colours of these lights may be down to different coloured LEDs at the input end,
but it’s also possible to create coloured lights by simply applying a dab of coloured paint to the fibre end.