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Many, if not most, of our fibre optic star kits end up in bedrooms and bathrooms, where the fibres have been installed from the attic above, with the light source sitting in the attic above the centre of the star field. However, this isn’t always possible: in a ground floor room, in a block of flats or somewhere with a concrete ceiling. One such recent project was undertaken by a customer in Malta.

RD’s solution to his access problems was to create a partial area of new ceiling, a few centimetres below the existing level. The fibres went into plasterboard panels which were then fixed to the existing ceiling. A Gemini kit was selected to provide enough fibre length to allow for the light source to be located in an adjacent room, although a custom harness would have been another option.

A circular recess was left in the centre of the new ceiling panel. In due course the plan is to add a decorative pendant light here. Coving will also be added to give a finishing touch, so these photos do not represent the final look of the project.

“I am really more satisfied after I installed the star ceiling kit (Gemini) that I bought about a month ago,” wrote RD. “I installed it in a part of a sitting room and found it really fantastic.”

With bare fibre ends cut flush with the surface of the plasterboard, the stars are more or less invisible until the light source is turned on. The fibre tail passes through the wall into an adjacent room where the light source is located.