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One of our standard Orion kits, with 120 mixed 0.75mm and 1mm optical fibres was used to create this effect around the shower head in a wet room in Malvern, Worcs. The halogen light source is safely located in the attic above, well away from the water, and since there is no electricity in the fibres themselves, there’s no electrical hazard. In fact, it would have been safe enough to have run fibres down into the wall tiling too, although this would have required a custom harness with longer optical fibres.

Where the plan is to create a simulated night sky we’d generally recommend a less uniform distribution of the fibres, but since this is less a night sky effect and more just a matter of mood lighting, the distribution of the fibre points works well enough in this instance.

Safe, low-maintenance mood lighting is provided by this fibre optic star ceiling display in the wet room. In fact, there’s no reason why fibre optics couldn’t have been used to also provide the illumination to that glass fronted recessed cabinet.