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Starscape was approached by the London Basement Company, who had been asked to install a fibre optic star ceiling above the swimming pool in a prestigious project in London. The London Basement Company, as its name suggests, specialises in converting basements in existing buildings, or even creating a basement from scratch so as to add valuable new living space. Take a look at the impressive portfolio on their website and you’ll see that there’s nothing dark or gloomy about the new space that they create below their clients’ homes.

The plan here was to create a fibre optic star ceiling above the swimming pool, and since there was a concrete slab above, the fibres had first to go into plasterboard panels before these were fixed to the ceiling. Having agreed on the specification and methodology, Starscape produced a set of “mini-harnesses” or bundles of fibres – one each for 11 plasterboard panels. Since the light source had to be located in the ceiling void at one end of the pool, each mini-harness was a different length. Ranging from 3.5 metres to 13.5 metres, each mini-harness consisted of 100 mixed diameter optical fibres.

With a total of 1100 fibres, two halogen light sources were required.

The result, as you can see, is very attractive, and with the other lights in the pool area dimmed down the reflections on the surface of the pool are magical.

Tucked away below a London home is this great basement space, with its gym, swimming pool, steam room and lounge area. The star ceiling above the swimming pool is part of a lighting scheme which ensures that this subterranean living space is not in the least gloomy.