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Our customer Ms F writes: “At last we are able to let you know how we got on with our fibre optic lighting and send you some pictures. Whilst we received our star ceiling kit last December, it was a couple of months before we got it installed, then a further few months to get the rest of the extension finished enough to be able to show anyone.

“The site for our fibre optic lighting was a domed ceiling in a new single-storey extension to our house.

In addition, there is central circular roof light. We were not, for obvious reasons, able to install using a false ceiling, so the lighting fibres had to come through the ceiling itself. As only a single storey extension, we could not even raise the upstairs floor to drill the holes and pass the cables through.

Our builder and electrician were both very accommodating as the solution was to build the ceiling, but not the roof of the new part of the house.

“During a winter build, we then had to cover the whole lot up with plastic sheeting to protect the house from the (frequent) rain.

We then had to wait for a fine day to take the sheeting off to expose the ceiling, during which the electrician and his mate went above the ceiling to drill 200 tiny holes in a random pattern – that alone took them all day.

The whole lot was then covered up again to wait for another fine day when the process was repeated in order to poke the fibre throught the holes.

Once this was finished, the builder had to wait for more dry weather to build the roof over the top of it.

Considerable thought had been given to the ceiling of the extension, with not just a star ceiling, but also this distinctive skylight included in the design.

“Now it’s done, and the finished result is FANTASTIC! It is much admired by (and shown off proudly to!) any visitors.

No-one has seen anything quite like it before! I’ve attached some pictures of the room where the lighting is, and of the room at night with it on (although this is very difficult to photograph, I have found!).

Many thanks to you for a great product, and for your help and advice.

Regards, M F.”