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This is a variation on the typical deck lighting project, using stainless steel fittings around the perimeter of the deck, rather than the more commonly used approach of bare fibre ends scattered across the surface. The halogen light source was installed in one of our plastic weatherproof enclosures on the external wall of the house, with the fibre harness running down the wall inside a length of plastic conduit. Another length of conduit carried the fibres beneath a paved path, to emerge under the deck area.

Sheathed 1mm fibre was used, with each fibre terminating in one of Starscape’s EF01 stainless steel deck fittings. These are capable of accommodating fibre sizes up to 3mm.

The light source is mounted in a weatherproof enclosure on the external wall of the house and the harness of sheathed fibre runs down a conduit and emerges to enter another length of conduit which passes under the existing garden path. The fibre then emerges under the deck.
One of the EF01 stainless steel deck fittings in place in the deck. The fitting has a tapered flange to allow it to be countersunk in the surface of the timber. The hexagonal nut shown here actually goes under the deck to tighten the fitting into the plank. Although there is a gap between planks the fibres will not show since sheathed fibre has been used. Bare fibre would be visible at night glowing in the gaps.