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This could hardly be any simpler – it is just a very large harness of optical fibres illuminated by one of our powerful 150 watt metal halide light sources. The concept by The Game Changer (Marketing) Ltd, was on behalf of a well-known client which makes major use of optical fibre in its telecoms business. The harness, which consists of 1,200 four metre long 0.75mm optical fibres, contains as much fibre as 20 of our standard Orion star kits, and uses nearly all of the capacity in the optical port of the 150 watt metal halide light source.

To match the client’s corporate colours Starscape was asked to make up a custom red/white colour wheel.

The sideglow effect in this ordinary 0.75mm pmma optical fibre is very pronounced over this relatively short distance.

Unfortunately, the camera can’t cope with the intensity of the light at the centre of the harness, so the photos don’t do justice to the display from the very bright light source.

However, our contact at The Game Changer was glad to report that the client loved the fibre optic display.

The harness cycles through red and white – the end user’s corporate colours,
thanks to a custom colour wheel which Starscape made up for the project.