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This is a project which is simplicity itself, yet nevertheless very effect. London-based kitchen and bathroom specialists Classique & Co came to Starscape with the intention of adding some fibre optic lighting to a bathroom project in Hampstead and the result is to be seen in this photo.

Optical fibres were run down the wall behind the marble cladding and threaded through holes drilled in the stone. Once the marble was in place the fibres were cut flush with the surface and then given a coating of clear epoxy resin to improve durability. Click on the photo for a larger version.

The fibres were threaded through holes drilled in the marble cladding and then simply cut flush with the surface, with no end fittings used. This makes the end points more or less invisible when the light source is turned off. To give the fibre ends resistance to mould or the effects of repeated cleaning with bathroom chemicals, they were sealed with an epoxy resin coating.

The highly reflective finish of the marble and glass in the bathroom means that the single column of lights is reflected around the room. In the photo the fibres are showing white light, but the light source can also display other static colours or be set to constantly cycle through half a dozen colours.

Of course, once you can be bothered to start drilling holes through the marble all sorts of possibilities open up. For instance larger round holes could be drilled and circular glass tiles inserted – the sort used in Customer Project 46. So, instead of small, but brilliant star points, you could have larger, but more diffuse lights.

The point, in either case, is that your light output ends are maintenance free, even in this wet, steamy environment.