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Here is an example of a star ceiling project in which the optical fibres are illuminated by three different light sources. As a general rule, a single halogen light source will suffice, but there are times when using multiple light sources is worth considering.

Starscape was approached by Matthew Wright, pastor of Alsager Community Church in Stoke on Trent, who wanted to brighten things up with some fibre optic stars as part of a larger refurbishment project. After some discussion, he decided that it would be nice to be able to display different coloured stars across the room.

Our halogen light sources are supplied with interchangeable twinkle and colour wheels. If the colour wheel is fitted, it cycles through six colours (including white) and, if you have the modified version of the light source, you can stop on a particular colour or halfway between two colours. By opting to put his stars on three separate circuits, each with its own light source, Pastor Matt is able to display all six colours simultaneously across his starfield – or to set them all to white or one of the other colours.

The finished star ceiling. The really bright stars are created by putting two or more fibres in the same hole. The glow around the edge is produced by LED tape.

Starscape produced custom fibre harnesses to run from the light sources mounted high on one wall and across the room. The fibres are actually fitted to suspended ceiling tiles.