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The ability to separate light output from electrical components makes fibre optics ideally suited to bathroom and wetroom lighting schemes, and bathroom design consultants H2OLondon have taken full advantage of this in a recent project.

The most striking feature of the scheme is a glass floor which has made even more dramatic by the addition of 8.6mm multi-strand sideglow optical fibres which create glowing lines and also contribute to the overall mood lighting in the room. The sideglow fibre is matched to a powerful 150 watt metal halide light source fitted with an 8-segment colour wheel to provide a choice of colours to suit a particular mood.

Not your average bathroom floor – this has a combination of exotic glass tiles and glowing strands of optical fibre.
The metal halide light source which illuminates the optical fibre is fitted with an 8-segment colour wheel – a colour for every day of the week, and a spare!
The shower and steam enclosure is also lit by fibre optics, with downlight fittings illuminated with 6mm solid core light guide matched to a 100 watt halogen light source.