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We’re frequently approached by fashion students and designers who are interested in using fibre optics in their projects. On one morning recently we had an order from a milliner with an unusual concept for a hat and then an enquiry from a lady preparing to produce a set of Tron costumes. Our 3mm solid core light guide is just the thing for creating glowing lines on a Tron costume.

The distinctive dress shown here is a design which was the Final Major Project on the Foundation course of student Kirstie Flanagan at University College for the Creative Arts in Rochester.
“It was inspired by physics mainly,” explains Kirstie, “but it’s there to be interpreted individually. My Dad and I wired up LEDs to a flipping switch and had the lights on the shoulder.

“Thank you for all of your help and advice, it was all very much appreciated!”

At Starscape we handle five-figure projects, but we’re also happy to serve customers who want just a few pounds worth of fibre, and we’re always interested to hear how people want to do with our products.

Kirstie’s costume is modelled against a backdrop of a glowing nebula – possibly in Orion? The look is reminiscent of the futuristic costumes of 1950s sci fi movies.