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In most respects this is a typical bedroom star ceiling, but it’s noteworthy by virtue of a relatively high star density. Our customer Andy S wanted to decorate a nursery with dimensions of 3.2 x 2.4 metres, and in terms of fibre lengths the Orion kit was a good choice for the project.

However, he wanted to incorporate some star sign constellations in the star layout, and after some discussion we agreed that a custom kit with additional fibres would be appropriate. So, although the lengths of his fibre harness were the same as the standard Orion kit ( 1.5 to 2.5 metres) the number of fibres was doubled to 240, giving a very respectable star density for a room of this size. The additional fibres added £50 to the price.

The installation was fairly standard, with Andy drilling holes in the ceiling and then popping up into the loft to thread the fibres through from above. He didn’t relish the actual task, or the irritation caused by the fibre glass insulation which had to be temporarily moved out of the way, but the final result proved the effort worthwhile.

“I must say the pictures don’t do it justice at all, as both me and my wife are totally over the moon with the final outcome,” he told us.

We’re hoping this view from the street will inspire Andy’s neighbours to go online and search for fibre optic star ceilings!
Andy opted for a high star density in the nursery star ceiling, and since the room is not huge the additional cost was very modest.
The focus on this photo isn’t great, but it does nicely illustrate the sort of effects you get with untrimmed fibres. The last few inches of fibre tend to leak light because of damage during installation, and you also get reflected pools of light on the ceiling above. These will disappear if you trim the fibres flush to the ceiling so as to create a more natural starry sky effect.