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Our customer Daniel Brough of Safespark Electrical Services, Stockport created this fantastic star ceiling for his son Jack, seen below gazing at the great star patterns. Jack is already a star ceiling connoisseur appreciating the time taken by his parents to arrange clusters and not be afraid of leaving empty spaces.

Daniel created the display using a custom kit supplied by Starscape which consisted of 350 mixed diameter fibres (0.75 and 1.00mm) at a ratio of 3:1 The light source was a MiniLED500 (superseded now by the MiniLED550).

Daniel kindly wrote a description of the project and took some photos along the way, Daniel writes;

“The ceiling prior to doing the nursery was lath and plaster….

This was not an ideal way to start the project as we could foresee that it would not be level and smooth therefore shadows would form so I ripped it out and started from scratch. Be warned, removing a ceiling of this age and style is extremely messy and time consuming. But it was necessary to get the most out of my fibre optic experience and it also meant that I would have a nice clean loft area to run the fibres prior to insulation.
The next step was to mark out all the joist positions for future reference when drilling for the fibres. Choosing what plaster board to fit was also something I had to consider and I opted for the blue boarding which is denser as it is for sound containment. This meant that when we drilled the 0.75 + 1.0mm holes it would be a nice clean cut so the fibres would nicely squeeze through without the boarding becoming weak under pressure.
After I skimmed the ceiling I then painted it with Bright white paint designed for small rooms with a reflective property built into it. I thought this would best suit the lighting effect, which it does. So now I have a brand new ceiling to play with which made the installation run smoothly and fault free. As I had my heart set on the best star ceiling around but also had a baby on the way I found it very difficult to decide what kit I needed, how many stars? How many fibres? What lengths? What density? How much is it going to cost? And so I sent an email to Starscape with the dimensions of the ceiling and a rough idea of what I was after. And they were great! I received an email shortly after sending it and to make it even more amazing the person who helped me was on a beach on the other side of the world on his holiday. Now that’s customer service!

So the kit arrived and I couldn’t help but to connect it up straight away just to see it in action.

I played around with a few lamps to see what wattage and colour I wanted and I opted for a 9W cool white LED GU10 lamp. Installation time. I had a friend in the loft whilst I was below the ceiling with drill in hand and wondering where on earth to start. I had several A3 sheets of paper with star constellations on for me to copy. Scorpio, Libra, Pisces ( family star signs ) then the big and little dippers, and Draco (the dragon) I even went as far as to see where the big dipper was the night before so I could see it in the sky as well as through the bedroom window the same way. The others however I just dotted around the ceiling, making sure Libra was above where the cot would be as that was our due date for the baby ( October ). I drilled these first so I could get an idea of how it was going to look. As I drilled a hole my friend poked a fibre through from above. As the holes I drilled were spot on and the plaster was sound there was no need for me to glue/silicone them into place as it was a tight fit. We just pushed them flush with the ceiling after the insulation was fitted. After the constellations were done I then literally went round drilling holes in completely random clusters and odd ones here and there making sure I didn’t go through a joist. And that was that. I ended up using 335 fibres. I left 15 fibres above the ceiling just in case I damaged any when I was in the loft insulating. And I’m glad I did… but not because I damaged any, I got married on August 9th. And my wife went into labour the next Day!! 10 weeks early!! He must have known the stars were finished. So now I had Libra instead of Leo above his cot. So I ended up using the spare ones on putting Leo up as well. All in all I am really impressed with the finished product and I’m very thankful for the advice I received from Starscape. I can’t wait to do the rest of the rooms!”

Daniel, Clair and baby Jack in the completed nursery room.