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Our customer Hugh Gullick created a star lit path from sheathed 0.75mm fibre and a MiniLED500 light source. The harness consisted of:2 x sheathed 0.75mm pmma fibres at 12 metres, plus 1 x sheathed 0.75mm at 1 metre and 1 x sheathed 1mm at 1 metre Here are Hugh’s photos and comments:

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the fibre optics. I have now installed them in the path and I must say they look fantastic. We use the twinkle wheel on the slowest speed which looks really effective.”
“I started by laying out the fibres to where they were needed and sliding electrical conduit over them with breaks to allow the three strands for each slab.”
“A small trench was dug between the slabs. Earth was then removed from underneath each one and then filled with sand to allow the fibre to bend up gradually.”
“Then I drilled holes in each slab with a 3 mm masonry drill bit. My slabs are sandstone so drilling through them wasn’t too bad.”
“I then propped the slabs up with a piece of timber and threaded the optics through the holes from underneath. I then lowered the slabs into position allowing the optic to slide through the holes so the cable did not get bent or crushed.”
“I then injected a small amount of clear sealant into the holes having first surrounded them with masking tape so I wouldn’t get sealant on the slabs.”
“Once the sealant was dry, I cut the excess cable with nail clippers flush with the surface of the slabs and turned on the light source. Cue whoops of delight from my wife!”