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“Heaven in Devon” is how a self-catering operation in the West Country markets its award-winning properties, and one of the units has just become a little more heavenly, courtesy of a Starscape Eclipse star disk fitted to a stylish bathroom.

In fact this is the second fibre optic star ceiling at Millbrook Cottages, but the first set – installed above a hot tub – was fitted using a DIY star kit. On this occasion our customer Bob Boothby opted for the convenience of the Eclipse disk which comes with stars already fitted, and he confirmed that the recently introduced button-fix™ mounting system made for an exceptionally easy installation.

The Eclipse, which has a diameter of 1200mm, is offered in a range of different options which can include the addition of single colour or RGB LED tape, but on this occasion Bob chose to source his tape independently and, as you can see, he had no problem adding it to the disk. The mounting frame on the top surface of the disk is designed to take the width of a standard self-adhesive LED tape. Confused by the apparent colour change in the disk face? This is simply down to lighting effects in the room, with LED light reflected from the walls producing a very different look at night, compared to the finish you get in daylight.

There’s an Eclipse with RGB rim lighting on the office ceiling at Starscape and we can confirm that it does a lot to make things more cheerful on a gloomy winter’s afternoon. Because of its ease of installation it makes a good gift from grandparents since it doesn’t commit the recipient to huge amounts of DIY effort!