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DIY customer Wayne Hall created a 3.5 x 2.5 metre star display using 6 full, 5 half and one quarter size Infinity panels. The light source chosen to illuminate the star ceiling was the twin-port MiniLED600 which has capacity for up to 12 panels, so it was a good and economical fit for this project. It is compact enough to fit comfortably within the perimeter bulkhead.

The slot in the bulkhead allows passage for the 12 fibre “tails” carrying light from the light source to the panels. Just visible at the left of the photo is the corner of an Infinity panel which is seen temporarily suspended from the steel mounting track by its safety tethers.
A perimeter bulkhead is a popular feature in home cinema rooms. It provides concealment for wiring, provides opportunities for mounting downlights and accent lights and is frequently a good location for mounting the light source(s) for a star ceiling. Here the side panels are not yet in place, as work continues on the lighting.
Here, the bulkhead has been completed with just a slot left open to take the Infinity tails.
The coffered area within the bulkhead has been accurately sized so that once the Infinity panels are installed, the slot in the side of the bulkhead is hidden by panels.
There are just short of 900 stars in the display, equivalent to seven of Starscape’s entry level Orion DIY star kits. In fact, in any still photo the number of stars visible is somewhat reduced since the twinkle wheel is constantly dimming a proportion of the fibres. As you can see, Wayne has done a neat job of installing his panels, with the result that the joints are very neat.