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Project 169 - I see the Light!
Infinity ceiling in a home cinema

Cyberhomes created this cinema for a customer whose brief included a desire for the screen to be “as big as possible”. 

The key point here is “…as possible” and that doesn’t simply mean a screen that fits an entire wall. There are many factors that are important in screen size such as viewing angle, aspect ratio and details of the projector. In the end, in order to maximise the size, even the boiler was moved to accommodate the largest screen. 

Thankfully aspect ratio and other concerns do not affect star ceilings. This meant that in this installation, the Infinity ceiling and it’s surrounding coffer could cover almost the entire ceiling, hiding the Atmos speakers behind it. 

Once again “I see the light!” is an excellent installation by the Cyberhomes team that shows why they are in such demand.

Photos courtesy of Cyberhomes.