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Easy fit star ceiling system for existing or new ceiling tiles

If your existing ceiling is a grid system, we can usually supply replacement tiles, fibred, ready to drop into the grid.

Conventional suspended grid ceiling systems lend themselves well to installation of fibre optics, as seen in this project. We supplied the 600 x 600mm mineral ceiling tiles with the optical fibres already in place for the main contractor to simply drop into the grid. Panels were installed above the swimming pool (seen here) and in the music room.

In this Casino installation we actually fibred the tiles in-situ, but supplying pre-fibred was an option.

Our stock fibre for ceiling panels is sheathed 10 strand (2 x 1.00 and 8 x 0.75mm). Using one sheathed fibre per 600 tile will result in a star density of around 28 per square metre, two fibres will be 52. DIY kits using this fibre are also available.

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t: 01289 332900 e: info@starscape.co.uk