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Micro lenses for star ceilings.

Although we will happily supply our customers, at no extra cost, with micro lenses for our star kits, we strongly recommend against using them.

For a natural looking star field, bare fibres pushed through appropriately sized holes in the ceiling create a fantastic look.

Using the micro lenses will make all the points of light look the same, not unlike mini LED bulbs, so you lose the sense of depth produced by using fibres of different diameters. These end fittings grip the fibre ends via a Morse taper arrangement, so although externally the fittings are identical, their internal configuration varies to accept fibres of different diameters. During installation you have to match the correct fibre and fitting, which may slow you down a bit.

If you do want this effect simply inform us when purchasing, either by completing the on-line comments form if your purchase is over the Internet, or make us aware if ordering over the phone.