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Starscape was contacted by M18 Lanes – a bowling alley and lounge in Stanmore, north London, and asked to supply and install around 170m2 of Infinity panels. As we’re based in North Northumberland travelling anywhere to install usually involves the best part of a day’s travel in each direction, so it’s not a service we can normally offer.

In this case however we made an exception, and took the opportunity to record the process.

Workshop manager David demonstrating our Infinity steel track.
The space to fill with stars. This is very different to the home cinema environment which is the
main market for the Infinity system.
The first length of steel mounting track in place. 
Technician Martin working on track installation.
A good photo showing the steel channel with the fibre optic carrier tails threaded through the access holes. These pairs of holes also provide anchor locations for the safety tethers on the rear of the panel, and of course can be used by speaker or other cables. 
Lots of carrier tails. These will connect to the shorter tails at the back of each panel in due course.
We had to make provision for Air Conditioning units, downlights, fire alarms, columns and
numerous other fittings.
It’s always nice to work with the light sources turned on.
Here and there you can see bright spots of light dangling beneath the ceiling. These are the
ends of feeder tails, ready for connection to their respective panels.
The diagonal line running from left to right in the top half of the image is where there was a 
change in ceiling height. The edges of the panels here were fitted with an optional black edge trim.
The downlighters in this area are also fibre optics, but instead of single fibres each fitting is 
illuminated by dozens of fibres.