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Customer project 158 - Skylight stars

This out of the ordinary installation by Cre8tive Rooms Ltd features custom Infinity panels.

David Constantine, our senior manager writes; “This job was intriguing from the start, as many Infinity installations are flat, 2D features, either on a single wall or a ceiling. The idea of having stars covering the walls leading to a skylight was interesting, as it would present a seamless transition between the hallway and the night sky beyond.

Practically, it was initially quite awkward as the area had to be templated onsite by the installers, and then the dimensions transferred and modelled in a CAD program, so that the final plan could be “unfolded”. This ensured that all the panels were correctly sized and angled so that the installation would be as smooth as possible.

The use of larger panels than normal allowed for the removal of all vertical joints and most of the  horizontal joints as well, further enhancing the seamless look of the finished installation.”

Starscape uses CAD software to help transfer drawn designs to working drawings. These are a selection from this job.

CAD drawing of the tunnel