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The HYDRA light splitter and Infinity optical jointing system by Starscape

Our light distribution system makes installation of multiple panels easy.

In the illustration below, 12 panels are supplied with light from a twin port light source.

The components are highlighted below.

Light from the MiniLED550 is split into 6 outputs by the Hydra. A carrier tail of appropriate length then carries the light to the panel tail. The optical joints have screw connectors.

Fibre being inserted into a multiple panel layout, in this case with speaker cut-out’s. The panel tail is secured to panel with Gaffa tape then the individual fibres routed around the cut-out and secured with tape.

The Hydra-6 light splitter

The Hydra-6 takes light from any of our MiniLED range of light sources and splits it into 6 feeds. A Hydra-12 is also available working with our Maxi range of light sources.

Carrier tails

Carrier tails give the LightFlow system great flexibility. We manufacture in lengths from 1.5 to 10 metres. Carrier tails have male ferrules at each end connecting to a female ferrule with loose nut on the Hydra and at the output end a female ferrule with loose nut on the panel tail.

Panel tails 

We have two lengths of panel tail: 1.6 metre and 2.5 metres. All contain the following fibres: 80 x 0.50, 14 x 0.75,5 x 1.00 and 1 x 1.50 The 1.6m tail will be suitable for metre square panels or smaller, the 2.5m for plasterboard size panels 2.4 x 1.2 metres.

Super black fabric

Our super black fabric is 147cm wide and sold by the centimetre. This allows you to order just enough to cover whatever panel size you have decided on. Do remember to add 20cm to the length to wrap and secure the fabric around the panel.

If you would like to purchase any of the above components please contact us or visit our secure online shop.