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Project 160 - The Parade Marlborough

The Parade Cinema is a luxury commercial cinema and the latest addition to Marlborough’s cultural landscape. Opened on the 18th September, the elegant interior boasts a selection of luxurious fixtures and fittings. In addition to these, a Starscape fibre optic star ceiling enhances the main cinema area. Unlike many of the projects Starscape supports, this particular installation is based around standard sized ceiling tiles.

Vivid Audio Visual utilised black tiles to create the ceiling in the cinema room, with the starfield positioned just in front of the screen. The ceiling comprised 30 tiles fitted with 300 fibres leading out towards the seating area. A powerful MiniLED600 lightsource illuminates the mixed diameter fibre bundles. The compact lightsource is capable of both dimming and twinkle effects. As a result, the ceiling can be enjoyed during screenings without detracting from the film itself.

Starscape supplied the tiles as individually fibred pieces. These were then installed and the fibre tails fed back to the lightsource location. Once all the tiles were in place, the loose tails were gathered and finished into a single common end.  

Ultimately, this is another stunning installation from Vivid AV and one that will wow the viewers at the Parade Cinema!

Smart Building Awards Winner 2022
Best Commercial Integration Project
A star ceiling of 30 pre-fibred fibre optic tiles at the Parade Cinema