Customer project 148 – Horizon and Eclipse star ceilings

Many thanks to Angela Vose for photos of not one, but two Starscape star ceiling panels. Angela has not only a Horizon panel in her bedroom, but also an Eclipse disk in the bathroom. Both panels were ordered with the optional LED rim lighting which you can see in action in the photos. The colour […]

Customer project 147 – Orangery star ceiling

Starscape’s Infinity star ceiling panels are chiefly aimed at the home cinema sector, where the addition of a gently twinkling star ceiling helps to create that special ambience which makes movie watching into an event, rather than just part of daily routine. Home cinemas are bit womb like – dark, isolated and enclosed – deliberately isolated from […]

Customer project 146 – Home cinema room with Starscape Infinity panels

Thanks to Paul Simons for these photos of his very neatly executed home cinema room which features half a dozen of our Infinity star ceiling panels. Infinity panels are 1000 x 1000mm as standard, but we made up some custom sizes to provide a match for the size of the coffered ceiling layout. You get […]

Customer project 145 – Assisted bathroom star ceiling

In an ideal world we’d all like to retain our independence as long as possible, without the need for professional care, but a glance through the gallery of Colten Care’s website suggests that if and when that time comes, there are some very attractive retirement homes available. Colten Care operates a number of facilities on the south […]

Customer project 144 – Swimming pool star ceiling

Our customer Paul Crawford from Oaklands Electrical has kindly shared these photos of a star ceilingwhich he installed above the swimming pool at the Atrium Hotel in Feltham, Middlesex. At the same hotel he’d previously fitted a much smaller star ceiling in the Bridal Suite – see Customer Project 142. This was a project which Paul built […]

Customer project 143 – Plasterboard star ceiling

Home cinema and home automation specialist Majik House, serving the North West of England from offices in Manchester and Carlisle, opted in this project to use a service which Starscape first introduced in 2018 – sheets of plasterboard to which we’ve fitted fibres in our workshops. This guarantees you a nice star layout and also reduces […]

Customer project 142 – Eclipse star ceiling disk

If there’s no access above the ceiling where you want stars, then a prefabricated star panel is the best option, whether this be a DIY project or – as here – one of Starscape’s readymade panel products. These come in a range of sizes and shapes, but the one seen here – courtesy of customer Nicola […]

Customer project 141 – Bridal suite star ceiling

Oaklands Electrical of Bolney, W Sussex used three different diameters of fibre to create this lovely star ceiling  in the bridal suite of the Atrium Hotel, Feltham, Middlesex. Check back here later to see details of a much larger project which the firm also did at the hotel – a very large star ceiling in […]