Customer project 157 – Dome Star Ceiling

This striking fibre optic Dome installation is at the St Andrews outlet of Sheila Fleet . Orkney Designer Jewellery The installation used several mixed diameter fibre harnesses, and a MiniLED600 light source. For help and advice with your own project, contact one of our friendly team on: 01289 332900

Customer project 156 – Cruise ship star ceiling

Thanks to Makers for sharing photos of their star ceiling above an Astrolabe on the Royal Caribbean Celebrity Edge cruise ship. Makers used 12 of our Infinity mix panel tails 12 carrier tails and 2 of our versatile  MiniLED750 light sources. Makers, Unit 2c, Oldknows Factory, Egerton Street, Nottingham 941 9290

Customer project 153 – Star panels at the National Museum of Scotland

Here’s a project that has been featured in the Commercial section which we thought warranted a refresh in the general projects pages. Starscape was commissioned by Beck Interiors to fabricate several star panels for use in the National Museum of Scotland‘s Science & Technology Gallery. The work was just a tiny part of a £47 million project to […]

Customer project 152 – Derian House Cinema Room

There’s no getting away from the fact that the home cinema sector is very much about self-indulgence – we don’t really need huge TVs or projection screens, but they are very nice … So, the UK’s home cinema professionals exist to help enthusiasts spend their money.  But, to show that it’s not all take, take, […]

Customer project 149 – Luxury home cinema

A collaboration between the Leeds branch of Richer Sounds ( and Lee Goodfellow of Smart Integrated Systems (  resulted in this impressive attic conversion, featuring 8 of our Infinity star panels, installed using our magnetic mounting system. Lofts used to be just wasted space, but these days a successful loft conversion can really add so […]

Customer project 148 – Corona and Eclipse star ceilings

Many thanks to Angela Vose for photos of not one, but two Starscape star ceiling panels. Angela has not only a Corona panel in her bedroom, but also an Eclipse disk in the bathroom. Both panels were ordered with the optional LED rim lighting which you can see in action in the photos. The colour […]

Customer project 147 – Orangery star ceiling

Starscape’s Infinity star ceiling panels are chiefly aimed at the home cinema sector, where the addition of a gently twinkling star ceiling helps to create that special ambience which makes movie watching into an event, rather than just part of daily routine. Home cinemas are bit womb like – dark, isolated and enclosed – deliberately isolated from […]

Customer project 146 – Home cinema room with Starscape Infinity panels

Thanks to Paul Simons for these photos of his very neatly executed home cinema room which features half a dozen of our Infinity star ceiling panels. Infinity panels are 1000 x 1000mm as standard, but we made up some custom sizes to provide a match for the size of the coffered ceiling layout. You get […]