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Eclipse Star Disk

The Eclipse star disk, with 200 mixed diameter fibres for a natural starry sky effect, will make a dramatic feature in any situation.

This Eclipse is shown with the optional LED package that creates a glow around the rim. These LEDs are available in cool white, warm white and blue and RGB colour changing options.

We call it the Eclipse, since when it’s supplied with the optional LED rim lighting it’s reminiscent of the fully-eclipsed sun.

* 200 twinkling stars
* Fantastic surface finish in gloss or matt
* Different colours available
* Optional LED rim lighting
* Easy installation
* Can be used as a night light
* Extremely economical LED light source

The Eclipse disk is made from durable Aluminium composite material which has a really lovely surface finish in gloss or matt.

Stock colours are black, blue and white, although most of the colours shown below can be ordered.

If you need a specific colour just provide us with the RAL code.

Or, if you prefer a fabric finish we can cover the disk with a black or dark blue Melton fabric which is very matt.

Rear view of a white disk showing the Aluminium frame reinforcement which stiffens the disk and also provides a mounting location for the button fix mounting system and optional LED edge lighting. Also visible is fibre optic "tail" with common end ferrule connected to the light source, the LED DMX decoder and the power supply for the decoder and the remote controller. The components other than the remote are usually located in the ceiling void above the disk.

Eclipse Star Disk with the LED tape at full intensity.

The button-fix™ mounting system

The star disk shown above was supplied per-printed by our customer. Starscape provided the fibre optic stars.

Graphic of a typical Eclipse installation.There's one remote control shown here - for the LED tape. The fibre optic light source also comes with a remote control.

There is a choice of LED light sources supplied with the Eclipse.

The MiniLED550 has colour changing or twinkle effects, remote control and dimming.

The MiniLED750 has remote control, colour changing and twinkle effects at the same time, dimming and is DMX compatible, so can be connected to a stand alone controller for precise colour mixing.

This light source is also compatible with home automation systems that can incorporate a DMX output module.

We also offer a LED rim lighting package which includes the LED tape fixed to the top (hidden side) of the disk, the LED power supply and a remote control dimmer (with RGB tape only).

Price guide:

Eclipse Star disk with colour or twinkle (MiniLED550) £764.50. inclusive of shipping and VAT

Single colour LED package for Eclipse Star Disk: £145.00

Remote control RGB LED tape package for Eclipse Star Disk: £213.00

To connect to the light source, the star panel is supplied with a 2 metre ‘tail’ of fibre optics.

If you are unable to locate the light source within this distance we can extend the length up to 12 metres. Call to discuss.

For hospitals and nursing homes an Acrylic rim upstand can be added to seal the disk against the ceiling for infection control.

If you have any questions about the Eclipse star disk,
please call the team on 01289 332900 or email: